Vision of Neuronano Inc

Neuronano Inc. started 2006, as a daughter company of Avalon Innovation Inc.
with the vision to develop and commercialize a new generation of highly specific
and truly biocompatible biosensors and devices for diagnosis and treatment of
neurological conditions such as drug resistant chronic pain, parkinsons, alzheimer,
dementia, epilepsia and depression.
The overall goal is to develop alternatives or supplements to pharmacological
treatment of such conditions and, in addition, to develop research tools for mapping
fundamental brain functions such as learning and memory, sensory perception,
motor control and cognition.

Through collaboration with the Neuronano Research Center (NRC), a rapidly
growing interdisciplinary "Center of excellence" at Lund University in Sweden,
Neuronano Inc has access to a wide range of expert competences spanning from
advanced nano- and microtechnology, organic chemistry, biomaterials and
biocompatibility, neurophysiology, neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery.

Neuronano Inc invent, patent, develop and commercialise a new generation of
innovative electrodes for implantation in the brain and spinal cord.